Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jonas Brothers

These are the Georgeous Jonas Brothers

This is Rooney

Last night I went to The Jonas Brothers concert. So this week Dakota made me beg my mom to go, So on Monday of this week me and my friend Dakota Bought Jonas Brother tickets Row 15 upper bowl. Then On wednesday night I got a call It was Dakota, and she was all like "Jenny I will give you my ticket to anyone you want for free. Because I am going with mason. So I cried and invited Kelsey. Anyways Dakota and Mason were supposed to meet the Jonas Brothers. But it turns out Me, Kelsey, Dakota, and Mason could all sit on the 13 row in the lower bowl. Then after the concert we met the opening band and saw the Jonas Brothers. It was the most AMAZING night ever The Jonas Brothers are so incredibly hot.Oh at the beginng of the concert me and Dakota were like the only ones standing and Kevin Pointed at us The Hot Jonas Brother adn he blew us a kisswhen we saw him after the concert annd the all similed at us it was amazing!!! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Jensens said...

Sounds fun Jen. I have no idea who any of those singers are. I guess I am just an old mom that doesn't get out into the real world. But I am glad you got to see them!!!