Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last of Summer): Beginning of Fall(:

The Last of Summer):
Fashion Show Anyone??
Annie Girl and I at Lunch(:
We're pretty good friends now(:
Beginning of Fall(:
First day of school.. I'm now a Junior
Driving to school this year!!(:
Here we come Jordan!!
Harrison is soo funny!! We like Sassy Music((:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Week 11(:

Well this week wasuneventful really, except for wednesday! hahaa So here you go!! oh yess look at thanks! Lunch with Kelsey(:
Babysitting!Jamba Juice(:
Family togetherness, turned into Family sleepover. Thats what you get for living with senior citizens(;

Two Years! Isn't Jamie's dress beautiful!! P.s Brad is so excited for me!!Happy Birthday Paige and Morgan(:Kisses!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Joy! Crazy Days!

Today started out absoluetly crazy! I had registration today, which means school pictures and i was going to babysit Heidi's Kids and Annie before so she could go to the doctor. Well I was supposed to wake up at 8:00 so I could get ready for my pictures and registration before I went babysitting at 9:30 and go strait to registration after and meet Kelsey. Well my 8:00 alarm never went off, thank heavens my dad came in to give me a gift card to Super Sonic at 9:00, I barely had time to shower, Blow dry my hair, and get everything pulled together. So i finally got out the door at 9:20ish and I was in such a hurry! Well once i got to Heidi's and she left I started straightening my hair and doing my make up when i realized i had left all my registration papers and checks at home. So i called Heidi and she said she would stop by my house on her way home and get me all my registration papers, LIFESAVER!! Once she got home Kelsey was already at Jordan and so I was hurrying over to Jordan, I swear I hit every light red! Anyways on one of these red lights I had reached into the back seat to grab all my registration so I could hop out as soon as i got to Jordan. Well I turned back around and the light was green and I put my foot on the gas and it wouldn't move, it had died!!!! I had no idea what to do so i did what any Jensen girl would do! I cried! Then i started to kinda calm down and I turned my car off and then turned it back on and it worked! Thank heavens. I wouldn't have pushed it! Then I finally got to Jordan and Kelsey and I got all registered and got our pictures taken! I'm sure the picture is NOT cute): So after registration I took my car down to Hillside and Kelsey followed me so she could take me home, after all was said and done at Hillside Kelsey and I headed to Cafe' Rio. It was so Yummy!! After that we headed to Payless and all their jewelry was on sale for like under $5.00 and then BOGO on top of that! It was heaven! Then we went to Wal- Mart, and I got some cute scarfs. After that we came back to my house; watched a move, ate, and did a puzzle. Then around 6:15 we went and got my car! After that my father and I went to Mutual, thats a whole nother story. Anyways after that we went to Brooke Wood's wedding, to see Brooke Jensen. Then we came home and did umm.......NOTHING, oh yeah finished the puzzle. Anyways today was crazy! I know this probably bored you all but i'm impressed i wrote this much!! I LOVE this picture but this is Kelsey and I at lunch! Yup it was SO yummy((:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Week 10,LAGOON!!(:

Well this past week was a dud other than LAGOON!! Kelsey and I went on thursday morning it was so HOT!! ha Well all in all it was a fun day!
The entertainment for the day awaited!! We were so excited! The main entrance, people had no idea what was coming for them(;
Wicked!! Sky Coaster!Ghetto Haunted House!
Screamin'Woah!! Bumper cars,,Lovely Grandma glasses(:Our new Friends!I like this one! Colossus.
Sad Day!!!!!!!!!! Today was Garrett's Farwell): He leaves Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new!!

While everyone is posting about changes in there houses i'll post about my change in my parents house,, hahaa this is my new room. I would have done before and after pictures but my previous room doesn't really count as a room so here is just the after pictures. My colors are gray, white and blakc with pops of green... so here it is eat your heart out..
These pictures don't really do my room justice it really is so so cute!! I'm in love!(:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Week 9

Well Summer is now officially depressing, school starts this month a certain someone leaves on there mission next week, and from here on our is school prep.... Bleh but I do have some good news, I got my license and had an amazing first date(; awww
well here is my picture recap!!
Monday: I went and got my license!!

Before i drove to workTuesday- Friday: St.George(: Thursday: Pirate island pizza, the kids loved it, ha ha ha i sound like a mother..

Saturday: This was before the big date, I may not look nervous but i was SO nervous.. But I had so much fun(: