Friday, June 27, 2008

I Made It!!!

I am in St.George and having such a fun time!

Wed: We got down to St.George we went straight to Amy's parents house then we went to the fountains and the kids loved it! Then we came to the condo unpacked and I watched High School Musical 2, and then went to bed!

The kids at the fountains!

Thur: We got up and went t the fountains. While we were at the fountains James fell and cut his forehead open, it was so scarry! Then we went to the E.R and had to get 7 stiches he was such a good boy! Then we came to the condo and rested. Then we went swimming, brooke made dinner, and some of the girls went to the play, me and jamie stayed here with the kids.
This is James at the Hospital he looks dead!Jill,Jenny and Brooke all at the pool!
James started to feel better!

Today We went to more fountains but not the slippery kind! Then we went swimming, ate lunch, rested, shopping AT T.J Maxx and Ross, dinner at the pizza factory and then watched "Just like HeavenCute baby Annie

Me,Jill and James swimming.

Us gilrs at T.J Maxx

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

St.George Here I come!

Tomorrow I am off to St.George and will be gone for a whole week I get back next wednesday. I am so very excited to go I will see most of my family and it will be great unfortuantly my dad is not going he will be here all by himself I feel bad, but he is going to be at preist camp part of the time! I have been to St.George three times this year. The first was with Karlee we had so much fun and we tried to get tan and it didn't really work. we did tons of shopping and swimming and talking to greg and colton (two boys we meet at lagoon) they were so hot! The second time I went with just my mom and we stayed with brooke because all her roomates were gone! Me and my mom did lots of shopping I ghot lots of scrapbooking stuff (it would make jill heidi and amy proud) I got tan and it was way fun. I got some cuyte converse shoes and it was such a blast!
I hope this time is as fun as it usually is we are staying in the bentleys condo they are always so good to share there condo we usually go once a year! And it is always fun it has such a fun pool area, it has 3 big pools, 2 hot tubs, and 1 kiddie pool. I love going to St.George!! Well see ya !
Cool sunglasses
Bored in brookes dorm so I modeled

So tan! it kind of hurt!

Me and KarleeKind of tanner

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not Creepy

Yesterday I went to Kelseys brothers farwell. His name is Tyler Jumper and he is so cute me and Karlee think he is so cute! He did such a good job, at the end he started to cry and it was the cutest thing ever! Me and kelsey will miss him dearly. He leaves June,25,08 Sad. He is going to the Ventura California.

Get Smart

Today me, Karlee, Jessika, Harrison, Brendan, and Nate all went and saw "Get Smart". It was so fun and I am always up for a good laugh! Steve Carell is such a good actor and sitting next to Karlee is just as fun! The movie was so fun, just being with fun people is one of the best parts and not to mention I got to sit by brendan! Anyways it was a blast! Go see it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Next??

Last night me my Mom, Dad, Karlee, Jill, Heidi, James, Josh, Jamie, Mike and Annie all ventured up to the cabin. We were all expecting it to be as nice as it always is but when we got there things went down hill. There was disgusting mayo that made me want to puke! Then we could not find screws to the generator. Then we found out that there would be no power, and lastly the oven was left on!
Dad was so frustrated and so was mom they kept saying how much they wanted to sell the cabin and then my dad said something about killing himself! Good thing Karlee was there to be optimistic my family decided that it is a good thing to have her around our family! Thanks for telling the parents to stay karlee! And thank you to dad he always works so hard to keep the cabin in good condition. Thank You!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am BACK!

I survived camp it was actually an okay expirence, but I think I am going to stick to my cabin! We had a really good time and I really enjoyed getting to know some girls that I thought I would never. We left on Tuesday morning and we got to camp at about 11:30 we set our tent up and unpacked. Then we ate our cold lunches, Solo time, certification, freetime, dinner, skits which ours totally was the worst and then we had devotionals and lights out! Wednesday was similar to the day before besides the fact that we did such a hard hike it was so hard me and kelsey were about to die! Thursday we had tons of free time. I took a nap and my parents came up! We had testimony meeting wich of course was a lot of crying but I did mine with out crying WAHOO! This morning I was up by 6:00 an our tent was down by 6:30 I wanted to get out I took three tents down It was a work out! we were ready by 8:30 and Carrie Roberts came down to make sure we were done and she said "There must be a Jensen up here" I am home and showered I loved the expirence and I am glad I am home! Now I am off to my Cabin!
I have missed my friends and family (Brenden) (;

Monday, June 16, 2008

Girls Camp

Tomorrow I am off to girls camp! Joy right? totally kidding I am totally dreading it! I hate girls camp there is always so much drama and if you can't tell I have had enough lately. This year we are going to be sleeping in tents. This will be my first time ever sleeping in a tent I am very scared! We will be going to the stake property. Every other year we go with our stake and this year we go with our stake! In the fours years I have been going to girls camp I have still not slept in a tent I could we not keep that going.
My 1st year, we went to Reid Ranch it was amazing we all had our own rooms with codes on the doors so only the girls in the rooms could get in. We had bathrooms in our rooms with toilets and showers. In the room we had one queen bed and two bunk beds it was great! We went with just my ward it was so fun besides my roomates!
My 2nd Year, we went to Heber Valley it was fun we went with the whole stake and we got to pick our roomates. We were in cabins with bunk beds and bathrooms very close! I loved my leaders and my roomates! Kelsey was one so of cousre it was fun! There was such good food! Of cousre it is not girls camp with out drama and yes there was a huge blow up!! AHHH
My 3rd year, we went with just my ward to a place up by Bear lake and one day we went and played in the lake it was so much fun! We stayed in a thing called a yurt it was a so fun and it was not a tent so it was great.. We had so much fun and Carrie Roberts was the camp director so it was so fun and kind of drama free it wsa something new to me!
So we will see how it goes hopefully well! Me and Erin Berg have to do a devotional one night and it is on hope so tonight I made bookmarks to give the girls and we got Now and Laters and on the bookmarks I put a little saying by Neal. A Maxwell, and on the Now and Laters I put "Whether it is NOW or Later always have hope because our devotinal is on hope. I hope it goes well! Wish me luck at camp farwell for NOW!!!
Well It is camp but I don't quiet agree with whoever made this. They must really like camp Sick!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is for Kelsey Lately we have been having some drama and I really don't like that we are disagreeing and that we are having drama. She is one of my best friends and I love her so much she is one of my favorite girls and I want her to know that I love her and that I am sorry! WOW that was cheesy but I love you Kelsey!

This is Kelsey and her future husband

Funny Face love her

Cute girls

I am in love with this picture! I want it as my wallpaper in my room!

Kelsey I am trying not suck up!>


Oh Middel School, it sucks so bad I absolutly hate it with a passion. Me and my friends have had such a hard time and I absolutly hate it, it's so dumb! Oh my gosh girls kill me not just these girls all girls they kill me!! Ahhh!

Last Night

Last night was one of the funnest nights ever!! We had such a fun time! We went swimming with the verdines and watched white noise! I love being in Karlee's neighborhood it is so fun! swimming was so fun! And shopko was a blast I had one of the best times that I have ever had thanks for the fun times!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Fun Day

Today I went to family fun day with Karlee. We had a blast as usual. When we were there we met this kid who is in Karlee's neighborhood he is a model who has orange shoes! He is also very cute!! after family fun day we came to Karlee's house and took some pictures, here they are thanks to Karlee's Mac computer!!!

Umm OK
He is a model who wears orange shoes.
Best Friends(We miss you Kelsey)

Monday, June 9, 2008

I am Off!

Tomorrow I am off to St. George with my mom. We are going to see brooke because she eels so bad for herself that she is down there alone, Just kidding brooke! I am so excited the weather is supposed to be good and it will be so mch fun! I always have so much fun when I venture down there where ever we stay it is always a blast. Us kids really need to keep talking Mom and Dad into buying a house down there, it would be so fun to have a get away! I hope this tripp is as fun as ones I have had in the past. Hope to do a lot of tanning swimming shopping! This is random but when ever I go to St. George I always think I need to go shopping when we have a the same stores up there in SLC. Well hope to have fun!

Jake's Little gathering/party

Tonight me and my family celebrated Jake graduating from collage. We met up at Sugar House park and ate dinner and played games I love when we have our family gatherings they are always so fun and are fun to look forward to I love my family. We played Frisbee and said our favorite things about Jake there are so many things that it kind of took a long time, He is such a good guy congrats Jake!
Sorry I don't have a picture of Jake! I think you all know what he looks like though!Heidi is so good with all those kids!

I am so serious about those bubbles!

Maga is such a cute grandma I love her!

Morgan is such a cute and content baby I love it!grandpa and Oakley how cute!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I am in Love!

There are so many cuties in Hollywood I love it every time I see a show and a cute guy is in it I fall in love or if someone sings a song I like of course you can't help loving them ecsepically if it is about a girl that he is in love with. I just imagine I am the girl in the movie the cute guy kisses or the girl the song is about and he is singing about me or to me. Life is great in my head! I really wish that I could live in Hollywood! These are just a few of the many amazing guys in Hollywood!

10- Dane Cook he is so cute and funny he is in Employee of the month and he is just so cute
9- This is Brody Jenner He is on the Hills and he seems so kind!
8- Jesse Metcalf In John Tucker must die. I must say if he was cheating on me I don't know if I would care! Just kidding 7- Jude law Oh baby in the Holiday I am so jealous of Cameron Diaz! He is so cute!
6- Nick Jonas Although his big brother is hotter his voice is so amazing I love it.
5- Channig Tatum look at his body my goodness he is so cute in a She's the man and Step up!
4-James Marsden oh my I love him in 27 dresses. He is also in Enchanted, Hairspray and The Notebook he is so cute. And oh my alanta just look at this picture oh baby!
3- Zac Efron He is so cute in Hairspray and the High school musicals to bad his girlfriend is a beast!!
2- Joe Jonas enough said he is so good looking when he sings hello beautiful it is heaven!1-David Archuleta Oh my I seriously want to marry him. When he sings think of me I about pass out! I love him so much! Plus he is from Utah!


Last night I watched Juno for about the 1000 time. It is one of my all time favorite movies, every time I watch it I love it more and more. For those of you who have not seen it you need to see it. It is about a teenage girl who gets pregnant by this kid named poly bilker and she sees how much it would impact her to keep the baby so she find adoptive parents and has the baby and gives it to them. I love Juno's character she is just so laid back and is just so sweet and cute. I love how she is like an individual. Best show ever!!
P.S if you want go to they have a backround of the cover of the dvd for a blog backround! haha someone should do it! PLEASE!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Going to St. George..

On tuesday I am going to travel down to St. George to see brooke I can't wait it will be so fun to see brooke and be warm! I can't Wait!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Best Friends

Recently I have been noticing how lucky I am to have best friends! Kelsey and Karlee are my best friends we always have so much fun together I can always plan on a fun time. We do such funny and crazy things that no one besides us would think is fun. I honestly love these girls they are so fun and funny always plan on a good time. Of course we have our ups and downs but we get through them and get over them like most girls. These girl are the type that will always be there for each other. We do crazy things like, Make music videos, Go to Walgreen's, Go toilet papering (with 7 rolls of toilet paper), dress up like nerds,get lectures from peoples parents(Ha ha), Make Cakes, Harass Boys, Go to family party's, Plan Summer, Go to Starbucks, Swing on swings we are not allowed to swing on, Beat up each other, sit on the computer, Meet new guys every weekend, Hang out with different guys every weekend, Fight over David Archuleta, Hit on Karlee's 40 year old neighbor, and have tons of sleepovers. These girls are my drug I can't get enough of em'. If you ever meet these girls you will know why they are my best friends and why we find each other so entertaini, these girls are so entertaining. We are all so diffrent but all so much alike. I love them!
Our funny Nerd outfitts. Star Trek sign!
We love David he is our love!!!
Wild wild west! Riley would love this of Karlee!
Go Utes! Kelsey is just trying to be an individual

Love this picture!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well this week I have been with my friends a lot. On monday me kelsey and Karlee all sluffed. We went to karlees house and took pictures. haha love mac computers!
But schools out for summer!!