Sunday, May 11, 2008

This weekend

This weekend has been very eventfull. Since I hate typing here are some pictures of my weekend!

We made a David Archileta Cake we love him

Mom and Dad got a blog

We got a lot out of sacrament

played with my neices and nephews but loved this pic

On our way to the stake dance!! We meet some HOTTIES

Oh and i broke up with my boyfriend and poured concrete


The Jensens said...

Good work on that cake! And I LOVE the picture of you and Paige. Thanks for playing with my kids last night! And, once again, what is this boyfriend business???

kels said...

oh my gosh it was the funnest weekend ever! Ugh riley is so cute lol inly if only hahaha I LOVE DAVID ARCHALETA!!!!!!!!!!