Thursday, September 4, 2008

So Disappointed

Well since school has started I have really liked this kid. let's call him Billy. So billy and I have kind of liked each other and all the flirting I knew there was another girl who was his age that he kinda liked! Well this is the sad part today I was talking to Billys friend and come to find out Billy has done immoral things with this girl. It disappointed me so much! Here I met this kid in seminary and I thought the world of him and now I don't like him.
It just makes me relize how important it is to choose the right because you never know who looks up to you and one day Billy is going to regret what he did with that girl. Because now he can't go on a mission and can't get married in the temple. I am so very disappointed.

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bjensen said...

You know as sad as that is, that is truly were the miracle of the atonement comes into play. It's really not our place to judge the sin or the sinner! It does however make you think twice before you do somethig, because you are right, you don't know who is looking up to you. Ever since moving to college and seeing finding out somethings about people has made me realize how amazing and all emcompassing the atonement it. Some of the most amazing people I know have had quite an interesting sinful past. Looking at them now I would never in a million years guess that!