Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny Funny Brother!

When BYU beat Utah two years ago my brother wrote this. When I was recently cleaning out my e-mail I found it. It is so funny!
Disclaimer: BYU fans maybe shouldn't read, I don't want lame comments
And it came to pass that the Cougars did come forth to battle in the land of the north. And they did call this land Bountiful because of the exceeding goodness which did spring forth from its fertile grounds. And they did come forth, confident in their strength to overcome their enemies and subject them to their own ways. For they did look upon the inhabitants of this land as dross and did consider them unholy. And those that did inhabit this land were known as the Utes. And at times the Utes did grow hair upon their faces. And this did cause great lamentations among the Cougars, for they did esteem it as a thing of abhorrence. And the sandals which at times adorned the feet of the mighty Utes did cause great strife and malice in the land of the south - for such apparel was forbidden in their sight. Nevertheless, they did come forth to battle boasting in their own strength and supposed righteousness. And on the day of battle there was great howling and gnashing of teeth heard throughout all the land. And the battle became exceedingly sore, insomuch that blood was shed among those in attendance. And it came to pass that the Cougars did narrowly escape defeat to their elder brothers of the north country. And the cougars quickly fled and returned to their land in the south; for although the fruits of the north country were abundant and sweet, they esteemed the people of the land as cursed and as the heathen of the earth. And they did return, boasting in their own strength, and puffed up in the pride of their hearts. And they did boast in the spoils of their labors. Many times had the Cougars engaged in battle against the mighty Utes, and they did meet defeat time and time again. This rare victory was cause for much rejoicing in the land, for they knew that the sweetness thereof would not endure long.

2 Jacob 1:1-8

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Amy said...

Thats pretty good. I have never seen that before. So funny!