Sunday, April 11, 2010

Junior Prom 2010

So prom was amazing!:) GO KARTING(:
Creepy hair nets and Helmets whoop whoop!
My girl Legra(:
Okay,, so my dress was beautiful!
Such a cute couple!
The limo!
Love this picture(:
Minor set back!
Parker, Me, Bridget && Clay
The Group!
The boys!
The Girls(:
The Baseball boys.
Limo Ride!
Dinner at the Roof!
We're cute!
My girl Mary!
Funny Faces during promenade!

-&& I decided i am NEVER wearing high heels again!!


Jamie said...

You look absolutely beautiful! And yes, your dress is amazing! Love all your jewelry (your ring, the clutch, etc). Fabulous! Glad you had a good times. You looked stunning!!!!

Maga said...

Thanks for sharing your AMAZING
PROM with us. Did you share a picture of your shoes--I bet they were better looking than your track shoes!!

Lenice said...

Cute pictures J. Love them all!!

Brett and Jessica said...

You looked gorgeous!! I LOVE your dress. You should have wore your track shoes... they're silver right?? j/k. Glad you had fun!

hbentley said...

You look amazing!!! Good thing we were in St. George to get all the cute accessories to go with the dress. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Thanks for posting pics.

Amy said...

I LOVE your dress. I think I have told you that gray is my new favorite color. And all your accessories are lovely.