Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.

I don't know why, but it would seem that my blog has become more of a picture blog then anything else. I hate writing, I never can have things flow and it's always short and choppy. Boo! I hate when people write lots of stuff on their blog, I always just skip over it & look at the picture. No offense, but I only care about your pictures, not what you have to say. Especially when it is entirely too long. I would this with a little CS (common sense) people could figure out what is going on in my life with all the pictures I post.

But here is a little catch up of ME. I graduate in just over one month from Jordan High School, & I couldn't be more excited. But I am a little nervous for real life. It sounds so very overrated. I was a little up in the air about what school I was going to attend in the fall, but my decision was mad and I will be attending Salt Lake Community College. I'll be needing a job soon, so if anyone knows of anything let me know! I believe my "senior" trip will be a 11 day trip to Panama with an LDS service group. I'm really excited! It's pretty expensive, so it isn't set in stone quite yet. My missionary has been out barely over 2 months. It's gone by kinda fast? Uhmm, but not really. only 21 3/4 months left :) That's embarrassing. In other words, life is good! Moving quickly (thank heavens).

See? It just doesn't flow, but that's me!

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