Thursday, October 6, 2011


Disclaimer: If you think you might at all be offended by this don't read it. There were no ill intentions when blogging about this.



1: a branch of biology that deals with the heredity and variation of organisms.

My Mom & I have been hanging out a lot lately, since I'm not doing too much with my life as of right now. But we often spend time with people in our family; sisters, In-laws, Grandparents, and a few run ins with Aunts & Uncles. In being with family I can't help but notice the differences. I do not think the Jensen & Johnson families could be any more opposite. But as I've observed my immediate and extended family members, I realize that everyone is different, and different is good.  I feel blessed to have the family I have. The variety of personalities and differences is what makes life fun & exciting.

(this is my venn diagram to get my point across)

Love you all!


Maga said...

Thanks for bloging about the good things from the Johnson side of the family--Loved you blog--keep recording your feelings!!!!

Caroline Oldin said...

Hey I love ur blog! :D Finally someone who doesn't just blog about fashion haha, it's awesome :) I love ur layout too btw :) If u want to could u check out my blog, and maybe tell me what I could to better design-wise? u dont have to if u dont want to :)