Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the weekend.

I love love love my weekends. This one went a little like this. (Picture overload, sorry) Enjoy! Xoxo.

Frozen Yogurt, my favorite.

Friday night I had Trent and Amy's girls for a few hours. I love those little girls so much! We painted lots of tiny toes and fingers and then had a little movie night with treats :)

Saturday: We headed up to the U for a picnic in the park and then headed over to the gymnastics meet.

 Annnd then.... They crashed.

Shopping by night with Henderson.

Sunday; the usual. Then a little time with my buddy Brady.

What a lovely weekend.
And now onto icing the foot.



Amy said...

Wait! You keep changing your post and now my comment is gone!

What happened to your foot???

Maga said...

You can't have picture over-load! I enjoy ALL your pictures!!!

hbentley said...

Lots of fun. I am sure the girlies loved every minute with you. You are so good to them. Love the outfit in the first pic.