Friday, April 4, 2008

ABC's All About Me

A- Attached or single: Attached
B- Best Friend: Kelsey
C- Cake or Pie: Chocolate Cake
D- Day of the Week: Friday, thats when the parties start
E- Essential Item: Camera or Money
F- Favorite Color: Lime Green
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Neither Mambas all the way
H- Hometown: Sandy, Utah
I- Indulgences: Baking, pictures, friends, food, shopping, and slepping
J- January or July: July, its so warm and my b-day most important
K- Kids: Do i look like a mom? But i love other peoples kids
L- Life is incomplete without: Family and Friends
M- Marriage Date: I would love to get married on April, 20
N- Number of Siblings: Two brothers and four sisters.
O- Oranges or Apples: BOTH!
P- Phobias of Fears: spiders and clastraphobia
Q- Quotes: "Can I have some of that"?? -Cailley said
R- Reason to Smile: Why not?
S- Season: Summer then spring then fall i hate winter
T- Tag Seven: kelsey and Cailley but who ever
U- Unkown Fact About Me: I love cooking
V- Vegetarian or Meat Lover: Both it depends on the meat!!
W- Worst Habit: Biting Nails
X- X-ray or Ultrasounds: I don't Know
Y- Your Favorite Food: chinese, mexican, italian
Z- Zodiac: Leo


JamieN said...

I love that you're essential item is money. Good call, I should have put that for my answer too. What was I thinking?

The Jensens said...

Who is the someone you are attached to??? Gosh, I agree with Jamie. Money is good!

kels said...

I cant believe you chose chinese food before mexican and to think we were frieds jk lol

Cailley Whipple said...

i still don't get the whole " can i have some of that??" lol its funny how you and Kelsey say it though!