Friday, April 4, 2008

La Calille

Thursday night I went to La Caille with my foods group. We got to eat a five course meal it was all pretty gross! the first corse was escargo (thats snail) second course was a sorbet to cleasn the palett the third corse was a salad fourth corse was chicken and fifth corse was flambett (thats ice cream thats on fire) but here are some pics!!

On a bridge outside of La Caille with Jessica

Outside of La Caille with Jessica

Me again

Me and Jessica


In the bathroom with Jessica

The Bathroom


Main Course

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The Jensens said...

Ya, that stuff doesn't look too good. The few fancy,expensive places I've been to haven't impressed me. There food is too weird. Just give me Training Table and I'm happy. Hey are those the cute black pants you bought at Macy's? You look good in them!