Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last night I went swimming with Karlee, Mason, Me and Blakely. It was so fun I had such a good time. Karlee and Mason ending up going out so me and Blakely are the outcasts. But it wsa so fun. I love swiming always have and always will. thanks for the fun times! HAHA
Karlee me and Mason. I don't think blakely wanted to be in pictures!
Mason got a bloody nose so I lent him a tampon
The happy couple!
Me and Karlee Lovely girls!


Karlee said...

ahg! that was way funn!!! thanks so much for the good times!!

JamieN said...

What is up his nose? Yucky! You are a babe! Karlee looks like she cut her hair in that last pic.

Lenice said...

Cute pic's Jen. What picture of yours isn't cute?? Fun to see your fun summer events!!!