Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Su-prise Su-prise Su-prise"

Yesterday was one of the funnest days! It was national Jenny day. It's a croud favorite. Anyways the day was absolutley wonderful It started the night before with Karlee sleeping over (we missed Kelsey) I woke up and had my favorite breakfast omlets yummy! Then I got ready unfortunatly Karlee couldn't stay. Then me and my mom watched Pearl Harbor it is such a good movie, But it was soon time for lunch me and my dad went to Rafeals to bad they did not have the fajitas that I love. We had to hurry and eat so that I could get to my pedicure on time. Me, Jill, Kelsey and Karlee all got pedicures it was so fun. Anyways skip what I did inbetween 3-4:55
So around 4:55 me my mom and my dad all got in the car my mom told me I had to put a blind flold on. We drove around a little bit and Soon the car stopped my mom came around and led me. My mom told me I could take it off and i could not quiet get it off. Then I heard a litttle "supr" then y mom took off my blind fold everyone was there. Trent, Amy, Brad, Heidi, Jamie, Mike, Jill, Brooke, Dodee, Papa, Maga, Papa, Lori, Kelsey, Karlee, James, Josh, Aiden, Andrew, Oakley, Paige, Morgan, and Annie. Mckell showed up later. All of Heidi's back yard was decorated and so cute. Everybody was so nice. Then I went inside and changed into my swimmsuit there was a huge slip and slide in the back yard . Everybody just played and talked, dinner was so dang delcious. Then it started to rain so we went inside to do presents so many cute and wonderous gifts people were so generous. It was a spectacular night thank you everybody it was the best birthday ever yet!

Me at Rafeals

Me and my cute Dad

Reading our DIRTY magazinesKelsey, Me and Karlee all about to get pedicure

This is the life

I couldn't get the blind fold off

So suprised

So high

WOW!Love these girlsOh Kelsey You!!Let the games begin

Me and part of my Lovely Family.The Bitter Sweet ending

Thnak you everybody for all you did!


Lenice said...

Hey Jen!!! Love the b-day pic's.

JamieN said...

That is such a cute picture on the top of your blog. Yesterday was so fun. I'm glad you liked it.
Loved all your cute presents. And I wish I could eat all that yummy food again.

hbentley said...

I am glad that you had a good day. The party was really fun to plan with everyone. I am grateful it all worked out.

Maga said...

Jenny--So glad you had a great birthday--it was fun to be part of it You can't top that one!!

jenny said...

Maga- Thank you for coming you made it a party!

ALL- I can't thank you all enough you guys are the best family!

The Jensens said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your new blog colors and the picture in your header. So dang cute Jen.
Yesterday was a blast. Thanks for having a birthday so we could have a killer party. Love the pics with you and your friends. You are all so cute!
Get ready to use all you birthday presents for the girls weekend! Can't wait!

Karlee said...

thanks for having me!! it was SOOO fun!! your family is great!