Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheer Up!

For those of you who read my families blogs you know all about last night. For those of you who don't..... Last night was cheer up jill night after the pulling of the band aid! Me and my sisters and the wonderful shannon all went to dinner and some of us went shopping! Broooke needed to be part of the night so Amy had trent make a floating head! It was a fun filled night! And I think jill was cheered up! The GirliesMolten Lava Cake! Yummy!!

Brookes Head!! :]]


Jamie N said...

That picture of Brooke is the funniest thing! I'm sorry I missed out on the shopping. I'm baffled no one bought anything. What the heck?

It was a fun night. You were adorable. When did you all of the sudden become 18? I love that the waiter asked you if you wanted a "regular" margarita. Nice.

Amy said...

Cute pics Jen. I love the molten lava one. Mine turned out all blurry so I couldn't use it.

hbentley said...

Love all those pictures. I love everyone surrounding the cake. One would think we have been with out food for sometime.