Friday, November 14, 2008


Last weekend I had that Robot. It was a very long weekend! It made not only never want kids as a teenager but not ever! I value my sleep way too much. Sunday night I finally just put it in my dads gun room with blankets over it and went to bed! When I took the baby back I found ot it was broken. Us jensen girls have bad luck with those fake babtys. But I got an A on the assignment so it's all good!

Saturday night me kelsey and Karlee all went to Bajio and spoon me! We got so many weird looks and so many people asked if it was my real baby! Seriously people!

Notice the ghetto car seat. I would like to say someday I will be a cute mom but I don't know if I will ever have kids after that weekend.

Last night we went to the temle for mutual. It was really fun! It makes me sad that some of the kids in our ward st such a young age already cannot attend the temple. It is such a fun experience!

From Left: Jessica Lindsey, Jenny Jensen, Sara Elliot, Romney Goulding, Abby Lindsey.

Sara and I infront of the temple. Don't we look holy?

I just had to get a model shot:)


Amy said...

I am glad you won't be having a baby anytime soon, but later it will be good. Not easy, but good.

And I love the picture when you said you looked holy and right underneath you do this sexy provocative pose. Nice Jen!

Lenice said...

Holy, Moly on the last shot. You ARE quite the model Jen!!! Love the post about the baby. Unfortunatly, you cannot do what you did to this baby, to real babies. I am so glad they have that assignment for high school students. It does give a small glimpse of what life is like with a baby. Babies sure are cute, but they are soooo much work and sooooo much enjoyment-at the right time. Stick with going to the temple and modeling for now. You're so fab!!!!