Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My photography.

I am starting to get my serious with my photography, and I've realized its something i really want to pursue. With the help of my wonderful sister Jill we have been putting a few things together such as, a logo and a new name for my blog which is the point of this, my photography website is now... I'd love to hear feed back on what you think. I'm pretty excited!


Amy said...

I am so glad you are going to pursue it. I think it is a perfect fit for you! Do they have classes in High School?

Jamie N said...

It's about time you decided to pursue it more. You are so talented!

Jacob J. said...

I love your photography. I think you have a natural talent for it.

Can I offer one critique? Whenever you use the name of your blog: "Odds & Ends," it should always be in the same font. This is a technique of marketing called "branding." If it is always in the same font, people will come to recognize it more and more - which will lead to more notoriety. I think you should keep the font you use on your pictures. It looks professional and classy. The font on the title of your blog doesn't look as sleek... just my take.