Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve.

The morning started off at 7:40 a.m, it felt SO much earlier than that though! I haven't quiet got my feet on the ground at all today i'm such a dud! Hopefully tomorrow will be much better(: Thanks for breakfast Daddy!

Do we look Tired? This is my favorite tradition EVER!!

Outside of Market Street: The food was delicous, The company was divine and The morning was perfect... Well almost(;

Paigey! Oh my heck I love this girl, she always makes me smile with how excited she is so see me! And we even have the same smile going on!!

Our tired point.... So we picked up some energy drinks! Ugh I felt SO sick after drinking it!


Maga said...

Didn't you need the energy in the energy drink or do you have plenty of energy? Fun to see your Christmas Eve breakfast. I just watched you on Christmas Eve in our videos of our Nativities. In 1995 you made such a cute baby Jesus!!!

Jamie N said...

Yes, it definitely started off early. But it was oh-so-worth it. Yumminess.