Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top 10 of 2009

Well I am copying my sister Jamie on this one but I thought it might be fun to reminisce last year.. I know this is a little late coming but oh well! So with further adue here we go!

10- The 4th of July Oakley Rodeo
It may sound a little pathetic but really one of THE funnest nights ever! There were Cowboys all around and country music! What more could I have asked for..? (to marry one of them)
9- Dances!
Okay to be honest I hated Homecoming, not a good night at all! But Dogpatch was so much fun! I absolutely loved everything about that night and day.Homecoming with Ben (top), Dogpatch with Alex (bottom) 8- Trips to St.George.
I cannot even count how many times we have gone down there this year, but every time we go it is so fun! I just love it down there; eat, swimm, sleep, shopp.. Heaven!
(October 09')(January 09')
(July 09')
7- Having the best possible summer!
My summer was really the beast yet, I was with Karlee Sprague almost 24/7 need I say more why it was so amazing? St.George for a week, Las Vegas, 16th brithday, meeting boys, Rodeo, Cabin, Four wheeling.. etc..(St.George)(Las Vegs, 110 degrees)(The Cabin over the 4th of July)(Boys we met at Gateway)
(My 16th Brithday)
6- Finding so many new friends this school year..
I have made so many friends this school year. I have my close close friends and just other good friends, you can never have to many friends and I am grateful for each individual friendship I have.
5- Driving!
Who ever invented driving was a genius!! Who ever made the law that you had to be 16 to drive.. not so genius ha ha
4- Moving Downstairs (Decorating my new room!)
I just love it so so much!
3- My photography expand.
I have truely fell in love with the art of photography! I love taking pictures it is my favorite thing ever! 2- Hawaii.
Last January my whole family went to Hawaii for a whole week! It was so fun and so amazing!!1- Finding my new best friend and my other half...Melina(:
This girl.. where on earth do I start.. where to end..?? Hmm I love her to death and am so so grateful for her! Think that does it!


Jamie said...

This is a great list. And you are SO funny! I laughed 6 different times while reading this. Who knew? Laying out by the pool looks heavenly right now.

Amy said...

Fun list Jen! You have had a huge year! Turning 16 has got to be one of the funnest birthdays!

Maga said...

Loved seeing your top ten of 2009!

Mason :] said...

This is a cool idea Jen! Put me on your friends blogs! :]