Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 months!!

Remember this sad day?? Well I never thought time would pass, but look. IT'S BEEN 6 MONTHS!! On one hand, I really can't believe how fast time has gone & I feel like so much has changed. On the other I feel like that time was sooo long ago. But I cannot can't imagine 18 more months going by, It just doesn't seem like it will ever end. I follow this girls blog whose missionary just got home & it gives me hope that time actually does pass. Nate is doing really well though, he got made a trainer after just a couple months in the mission field, he loves his companion (which is such a blessing) & he has had quite a bit of success with teaching & baptizing new people. He loves Spain and always talks about how beautiful it is in his e-mails & from what I can see in pictures it is absolutely beautiful. I am so proud of him, as much as I miss him I DO NOT want to see him for another 18 months! Please go fast!
 February 23, 2011.

Totes love this picture.
Spain Malaga Mission Blog, here.

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