Saturday, August 9, 2008


Oh man Efy was one of the funnnest experiences I have ever had! I am going to miss all the people I met, I learned so many things!
Monday- Got to EFY at about 11:30 and checked in got our keys and decorated our room it was so cute! At 1:00 we met with our group and councilor and got to know each other! Then the fun came we went and met up with thet guys annd others girls that were going to be in our group. Not much to offer as in not any cute boys but one he was so cute! We played some games and then we went to orientation and this way annoying kid sat by me! Aftrer that we went to dinner it was distgusting Then we went back to a devotional adn than had FHE games oh my gosh so fun! Cuteset kid named Andrew and Cute Counciler named Kory!
n our Way!Peace
Tuesday-Me and Kelsey woke up at 6:30 and went to breakfast we ate a bagel and a smooothie! When we were at breakfast this councilor was like hitting on me it was so weird! Then we went to our company spot and had a devotional and scripcture time! After that we went to a morningside durning the morning side I cleaned out me camera Then we had classes lunch and classes! then the god send came FREE TIME! During free time we read Twilight after that we had dinner and after that we went to a dance oh my gosh it was so fun! There were so many cute boys.I danced with these two kids from Laguna Beach! The last so sing the Cute kid named andrew and this kid named Travis asked me at the same time! Geese Travis ruined it! Then we went back to our rooms had a devotional and went to sleep!Rachel , Kelsey, me and Skylar

Us girls

Wednesday- Me and Kelsey woke up at 5:40, showered had a devotional and went to breakfast after that we met everyone at the company spot and I got to sit by andrew! This is when we became friends with andrew! He saved from a big spider! Then we went to a morningside and after that we went to two classes with andrew and then lunch and then two more classses! Then during free time we spent the whole time together! After that we went to dinner and then changged into game clothes for game night!!!During game night me and andrew were flirting the whole time! After game night we had pizza night we called the boys to see who liked who and guess who andrew said he liked ME!! Then we cleaned our room and me and Kelsey slept in the same twin bed!



Me and Kelsey!

Free Time

Pizza Night Need I say more

Oh Geese!

Thursday-Woke up at 5:40 took a shower and went back to bed till 6:20! devotional Breakfast bagel and smoothie! Then we met with our group and andrew was wearing the cuteset outfit! A green Shirt with a colorful tie that had the color green in it and red and blue and orange! Then the boys and girls split up till lunch! at lunch I ate Jamba Juice and Taco Bell! Then we went oto a talent show and Andrew escorted me and he told me he liked me! Then during free time me adn Kelsey packed and then went to dinner and then met these funny kids! and then our group came and Andrew escorted me and we totally flirted! Then we had testimony meeting like everyone but kelsey went! Then we came back and we went to bed in the same twin bed!

Skylar, Rachel, Kelsey, and Jenny

Rachel, Skylar, Jenny and Kelsey

Logan, Andrew, Kelsey and Me

Kelsey and I
Me and My philly men
Friday-Woke up at 5:40 showered and went to breakfast bagel and smoothie then we went to meet with our group and then we had sripture study then we went to our last morning side after that we went and did a For the strenght of youth activity and then we went to lunch we had Jamba Juice and Taco Bell after that we did something with our company! Then we went and made baby hats! me and my partner had to start over three times and then me and kelsey went and got taco bell and Jamba Juice! After that we were on our way back to our room and I asked this kid to play me a song and he did listen to it at the bottom! Then we went and changed for pictures and the dance! Then we met up with our group and went to banquet and then we went and took pictures and then went to the dance! When the dance was over everybody sang as sisters in zion/Army of helam and I strated to cry then I said my good byes went back to the room finished packing and came home!
Us again

Andrews a ladies man

Guess whose feet

Favorite Picture

Laguna Beach Boys! On the ends!

Me and my men

Her outfit was for real


All our Girls

Sassy S

Oh Mike

OH Kory

I had a hard time juggeling my men

Me and My councilors

I look so chubby!

We kind of got to kiss him!

They loved carrying us! seriously!


Me and my future husbandMy future husband in black and brookes in BLUE
Skylar me and Rachel
Love this picture
Skylar, Me, Rachel and Kelsey!
I am going to miss everyone!


The Jensens said...

Looks like a great time! I loved EFY when I went. I can't believe how boy crazy you are. You look cute in all your pictures and I love your outfits!

bjensen said...

WOW looks like a good time. I always love efy and looked forward to it every year. I'm glad you met so many new friends. I hope you kept you distance from all those boys. Remember your only barely 15! Your to young for boys. One more year darling! I'm excited to see you this weekend! Loves!

TJ said...

It looks and sounds like you had a great week. I missed you and I'm glad you're back.

Karlee said...

hey! it looks like you guys had so much fun!! call me back as soon as you can!!

kels said...

EFY was so much fun we have to go again next year!

JamieN said...

First of all, you're WAY cute! Second of all, what the heck are you doing with all those boys. Holy cow! Third, are EFY councilors allowed to pick you up?

That's all. You're cute.