Monday, May 4, 2009

Exciting News....

- I got my first date planned for when i turn 16!!
- School gets out in one month!
-Disneyland with the Verdines.. Hopefully:)
-I turn 16 in 2 months and 22 days..
-Brooke moved home and we haven't gotten in one argument!
-I like a Boy (Shocker!!)
-In approximately 3 months and 24 days I will be a Junior in High School.
-I get my liscence in 2 months and 23 days:D
-Summer is soon and my hopeful plans are:
-St. George
-The Cabin
Well I think that's about it ha ha


Maga said...

Looks like you've got a fun summer planned. Will your first date be July 26th? Keep us posted on your blog.

Amy said...

Ah, gotta love summer fun! Crazy times ahead at the Jensen abode when you turn 16! Watch out Brad and Teri!