Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The impossible is possible.

As many of you know my sister Brooke moved home almost a week ago. In all honesty i was kind of dreading the move home but for all selfish reasons : I wouldn't be as spoiled, I don't get to move down stairs immediately etc.
But since Brooke moved home I have loved having her home. I can't even tell you how much i've enjoyed her company and she has been so nice.
Moday afternoon: Brooke picked me up from school and took me to get my hair cut (which is horrible) and she offered to wake up in the morning to help me with it in the morning.
Monday night: me and kelsey were just sitting in my room and she came in and asked if we wanted to go to Jamba Juice. Brooke even paid for me.
Tuesday night: Brooke and I were talking about my hair and we were talking about product and then she said "Lets run to the store really quick and get you some." So at 9:30 at night Brooke took me to the store and she even paid for a little bit of it.
Tonight: Brooke is taking me to dinner at Cafe Rio' with her and Brad.
I have really loved having Brooke move home she is so nice and fun to be around/ I really like that she moved home, and I love spending time with her. Thank you so much Brooke!!:)


Amy said...

That Brooke is sure nice. How is she affording all these things for you when she doesn't have a job? Does she have a money tree? And can I get in on the use of that tree?

bjensen said...

Jenny your the best! Thanks for such a nice post! I've loved speding time with you, so the pleasure is all mine! :)

Maga said...

How nice to have a sister home--glad you're enjoying her!