Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last of Summer): Beginning of Fall(:

The Last of Summer):
Fashion Show Anyone??
Annie Girl and I at Lunch(:
We're pretty good friends now(:
Beginning of Fall(:
First day of school.. I'm now a Junior
Driving to school this year!!(:
Here we come Jordan!!
Harrison is soo funny!! We like Sassy Music((:


Maga said...

Pretty nice you can drive to school. Your Mother could never do that, nor your grandmother. We didn't have cell phones either--guess your generation is changed. Glad you can still sleep with senior citizens, though.

Amy said...

I love the outfit you picked for the first day of school. You look so cute!

Nana and Grandpa Kent said...

nice wheels! have a blast in school, that's all it's really good for!

Jamie N said...

A few thoughts:

Loved your fashion show. You looked darling in every single outfit! Of course.

I can't believe you're a freaking junior.

And thanks for loving my Annie Girl so much! She loves you right back.