Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Week 11(:

Well this week wasuneventful really, except for wednesday! hahaa So here you go!! oh yess look at http://jennysoddsandends.blogspot.com/(: thanks! Lunch with Kelsey(:
Babysitting!Jamba Juice(:
Family togetherness, turned into Family sleepover. Thats what you get for living with senior citizens(;

Two Years! Isn't Jamie's dress beautiful!! P.s Brad is so excited for me!!Happy Birthday Paige and Morgan(:Kisses!!


Maga said...

You'll make a beautiful bride in about 10 years!!! Loved your pictures!!! Love you!!!

Amy said...

Cute pics. I love the one with your parents sleeping in your bed. So funny. And of course the pics with Paige!

Jamie N said...

That is SO funny with Mom and Dad sleeping in your bed. Hilarious. At least your home situation is economical - 1 child, 2 seniors. LOL!!

Thanks again for the cute pics of Annie! I should start paying you money. :)