Monday, November 14, 2011

The Blogging World.

 After most blog posts I do I attach my link to Facebook, so all you creepy stalkers can read it ;) I don't do it after every post and sometimes I hide the link from certain people depending on what I blog about. But even when I don't put the link out, or I hide it from people I am still putting my life out there, for ANYONE really to see.
 Within the past few weeks I've blogged. A lot. Especially for me. But I cannot tell you how many times since then people have told me that they've seen, or read my blog. To be honest more then I would have liked, but what else is a blog for? I have a love/hate relationship with people reading my blog. It's flattering, very flattering. But at the same time I feel so over exposed to the world. It definitely makes me second guess what I put out there.
 I remember my sister Jamie having an all to friendly blog follower. The story HERE. It's scary what you put out there, everyone can see! But it's my blog, so I'll say what I want. I don't really know what the soul purpose in this blog post was, but happy stalking to all you creeps.
 Yay for technology!

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Maga said...

Your brother, Trent, told me not to go on Face book--blogging is more private.