Saturday, November 12, 2011


 I've already noted on my blog that I am not really doing the "gratitude" posts in November. But tonight, I am grateful. I'm grateful for good days. It's easier to notice the good things after you've been through the bad. Not that I'm living a tough life, but a few days in the past couple weeks have been hard, my feelings were hurt & I was sad. But I think that those sad days, make days like today seem so much better.

 Sometimes I tend to take for granted all the wonderful things and people around me. Sometimes I don't take the time to notice, I get busy in my day to day life's and schedule that it's easier to not notice. But today I noticed & I loved today.


 - I got to go on a run with my Dad this morning, the weather. To die for. & I just love being with my Dad!

 - A phone call from my big brother to invite me to lunch.

 - Jordan High School Semi- finals at Rice Eccles. Super Senior? Maybe. But it was so good to see old friends and teachers. I think I KINDA miss High School. (kinda being the key word)

 - Going to the game with my good friend Tyler.

 - Getting to spend the evening with my best friend Melina. What a blessing she is in my life, I love her.
 Maybe 11.11.11 was good luck?

 Cheers to good days!
 Happy weekend, everyone.