Wednesday, November 30, 2011


  23 family members, 4 dinner tables, 2 homes, & lots of fun! Thanksgiving was great this year. Although we did have out ups & downs it was a good time. We did some swimming, lots of eating, shopping, movies, football, & running.

 Jacob and Candice stopped in St.George for dinner real quick on their way up to Idaho. Missed you two on Thanksgiving.

 Thanksgiving morning the family ran a 5k. I don't have any pictures of it.. But it was nothing but a good time. Thanks to Trent & Amy for organizing it.
 Maga's card she sent us was used as our centerpieces on one of the many tables.

 Table 1.
 Table 2.
 Table 3.
 Table 4.
 Black Friday shopping. Madness.

 & we can't forget the dreadful Utah game...
Cheers to the Holiday Season!

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