Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love them, all of them.

Heidi: She is the second mother in the Jensen family, the favorite aunt to the nieces and nephews, and always doing nice thing for everyone and anyone. She always looks out for people and helps anyone that will let her.

Jamie: She is the positive one. Always looking for the good in people and building them up. She makes everyone feel good about themselves and reaches out to those who need a friend. Plus, she is my go to stylist.

Jill: Greatest cook EVER. Sometimes Jill & I hit heads, but when all is said and done Jill gets me. I get her. She is just like my Dad. & you all know how I feel about my Dad.

Brooke: aka, the funny one. Even in the worst of situations she looks for the humor and bright side of things.She also reaches out to people in sad or hard situations and is always there for you when you need her.


lilia said...

ohh you have a beautiful family Jenny

lilia said...

greetings from Panama :)

Amy said...

You Jensen girls are pretty great.

And very photogenic too.

Jamie said...

Well aren't you so nice? Agreed, we are lucky to have each other and agreed with what you said about everyone. Except me. I can be really mean sometimes.


brooke said...

Love this! Love you!

Maga said...

You are lucky to have 4 such wonderful sisters and a wonderful MOM!!! Glad you enjoy each other so much!!!!