Monday, June 9, 2008

Jake's Little gathering/party

Tonight me and my family celebrated Jake graduating from collage. We met up at Sugar House park and ate dinner and played games I love when we have our family gatherings they are always so fun and are fun to look forward to I love my family. We played Frisbee and said our favorite things about Jake there are so many things that it kind of took a long time, He is such a good guy congrats Jake!
Sorry I don't have a picture of Jake! I think you all know what he looks like though!Heidi is so good with all those kids!

I am so serious about those bubbles!

Maga is such a cute grandma I love her!

Morgan is such a cute and content baby I love it!grandpa and Oakley how cute!


The Jensens said...

Last night was fun. Cute pictures Jen. The last picture just shows the cute relationship Oakley has with her grandpa!

hbentley said...

Very cute pictures. I love them all, and it was so much fun together to celebrate.