Friday, June 27, 2008

I Made It!!!

I am in St.George and having such a fun time!

Wed: We got down to St.George we went straight to Amy's parents house then we went to the fountains and the kids loved it! Then we came to the condo unpacked and I watched High School Musical 2, and then went to bed!

The kids at the fountains!

Thur: We got up and went t the fountains. While we were at the fountains James fell and cut his forehead open, it was so scarry! Then we went to the E.R and had to get 7 stiches he was such a good boy! Then we came to the condo and rested. Then we went swimming, brooke made dinner, and some of the girls went to the play, me and jamie stayed here with the kids.
This is James at the Hospital he looks dead!Jill,Jenny and Brooke all at the pool!
James started to feel better!

Today We went to more fountains but not the slippery kind! Then we went swimming, ate lunch, rested, shopping AT T.J Maxx and Ross, dinner at the pizza factory and then watched "Just like HeavenCute baby Annie

Me,Jill and James swimming.

Us gilrs at T.J Maxx


The Jensens said...

Cute pics! Loved being there with everyone. Love the hooker heels pic!

Karlee said...

cute! looked like you had a good time! are you mad at me! well call me! i miss you!