Friday, June 6, 2008

Best Friends

Recently I have been noticing how lucky I am to have best friends! Kelsey and Karlee are my best friends we always have so much fun together I can always plan on a fun time. We do such funny and crazy things that no one besides us would think is fun. I honestly love these girls they are so fun and funny always plan on a good time. Of course we have our ups and downs but we get through them and get over them like most girls. These girl are the type that will always be there for each other. We do crazy things like, Make music videos, Go to Walgreen's, Go toilet papering (with 7 rolls of toilet paper), dress up like nerds,get lectures from peoples parents(Ha ha), Make Cakes, Harass Boys, Go to family party's, Plan Summer, Go to Starbucks, Swing on swings we are not allowed to swing on, Beat up each other, sit on the computer, Meet new guys every weekend, Hang out with different guys every weekend, Fight over David Archuleta, Hit on Karlee's 40 year old neighbor, and have tons of sleepovers. These girls are my drug I can't get enough of em'. If you ever meet these girls you will know why they are my best friends and why we find each other so entertaini, these girls are so entertaining. We are all so diffrent but all so much alike. I love them!
Our funny Nerd outfitts. Star Trek sign!
We love David he is our love!!!
Wild wild west! Riley would love this of Karlee!
Go Utes! Kelsey is just trying to be an individual

Love this picture!


Karlee said...

this is super cute!! i agree!! like not like that but like how we are so close and all those weird things we do like honestly no one else would think they are fun but to us its so funny!! haha!! i love you two girls!!

The Jensens said...

You guys are crazy. Love the pictures. Best friends are the BEST!

jenny said...
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