Monday, June 23, 2008

Not Creepy

Yesterday I went to Kelseys brothers farwell. His name is Tyler Jumper and he is so cute me and Karlee think he is so cute! He did such a good job, at the end he started to cry and it was the cutest thing ever! Me and kelsey will miss him dearly. He leaves June,25,08 Sad. He is going to the Ventura California.


kels said...

Jenny i get on your blog and the first thing a see is a huge picture of my brother i was surprised at first but then i realized i should have seen it coming the whole time! you title it not creepy well hate to break it to you but ya kinda creepy jk but really hahaha what are we going to do with out him when we want to watch scary movies i guess we will have to save athem all for when he gets home =(

Karlee said...

jenny and kelsey! honestly tyler gone for two years! this is gonna be BAD NEWS!!! but at least me and jenny still have rob! haha!!