Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Next??

Last night me my Mom, Dad, Karlee, Jill, Heidi, James, Josh, Jamie, Mike and Annie all ventured up to the cabin. We were all expecting it to be as nice as it always is but when we got there things went down hill. There was disgusting mayo that made me want to puke! Then we could not find screws to the generator. Then we found out that there would be no power, and lastly the oven was left on!
Dad was so frustrated and so was mom they kept saying how much they wanted to sell the cabin and then my dad said something about killing himself! Good thing Karlee was there to be optimistic my family decided that it is a good thing to have her around our family! Thanks for telling the parents to stay karlee! And thank you to dad he always works so hard to keep the cabin in good condition. Thank You!


Jacob Jensen said...

Well, I feel bad that so much went wrong. I am the party to blame for the propane mishap. I am sorry for inconveniencing you.

It is good to hear that you had a good time at camp. I am glad you represented the family name well with your hard work. You are awesome!

Keep up the good work!

bjensen said...

Sounds CRAZY! I bet dad was angry, he's so nice to keep things up at the cabin! What would we do without dad?! I'm excited to see you in two days!

Karlee said...

oh thanks jenny! it was so fun! im so glad we stayed up there!