Monday, June 16, 2008

Girls Camp

Tomorrow I am off to girls camp! Joy right? totally kidding I am totally dreading it! I hate girls camp there is always so much drama and if you can't tell I have had enough lately. This year we are going to be sleeping in tents. This will be my first time ever sleeping in a tent I am very scared! We will be going to the stake property. Every other year we go with our stake and this year we go with our stake! In the fours years I have been going to girls camp I have still not slept in a tent I could we not keep that going.
My 1st year, we went to Reid Ranch it was amazing we all had our own rooms with codes on the doors so only the girls in the rooms could get in. We had bathrooms in our rooms with toilets and showers. In the room we had one queen bed and two bunk beds it was great! We went with just my ward it was so fun besides my roomates!
My 2nd Year, we went to Heber Valley it was fun we went with the whole stake and we got to pick our roomates. We were in cabins with bunk beds and bathrooms very close! I loved my leaders and my roomates! Kelsey was one so of cousre it was fun! There was such good food! Of cousre it is not girls camp with out drama and yes there was a huge blow up!! AHHH
My 3rd year, we went with just my ward to a place up by Bear lake and one day we went and played in the lake it was so much fun! We stayed in a thing called a yurt it was a so fun and it was not a tent so it was great.. We had so much fun and Carrie Roberts was the camp director so it was so fun and kind of drama free it wsa something new to me!
So we will see how it goes hopefully well! Me and Erin Berg have to do a devotional one night and it is on hope so tonight I made bookmarks to give the girls and we got Now and Laters and on the bookmarks I put a little saying by Neal. A Maxwell, and on the Now and Laters I put "Whether it is NOW or Later always have hope because our devotinal is on hope. I hope it goes well! Wish me luck at camp farwell for NOW!!!
Well It is camp but I don't quiet agree with whoever made this. They must really like camp Sick!


bjensen said...

Have fun dearie! I hope you have a blessed time!

The Jensens said...

Your devotional sounds like it is going to be cute! I know am the minority at your house, but I am jealous you are going camping! I hope you end up having fun!