Tuesday, June 24, 2008

St.George Here I come!

Tomorrow I am off to St.George and will be gone for a whole week I get back next wednesday. I am so very excited to go I will see most of my family and it will be great unfortuantly my dad is not going he will be here all by himself I feel bad, but he is going to be at preist camp part of the time! I have been to St.George three times this year. The first was with Karlee we had so much fun and we tried to get tan and it didn't really work. we did tons of shopping and swimming and talking to greg and colton (two boys we meet at lagoon) they were so hot! The second time I went with just my mom and we stayed with brooke because all her roomates were gone! Me and my mom did lots of shopping I ghot lots of scrapbooking stuff (it would make jill heidi and amy proud) I got tan and it was way fun. I got some cuyte converse shoes and it was such a blast!
I hope this time is as fun as it usually is we are staying in the bentleys condo they are always so good to share there condo we usually go once a year! And it is always fun it has such a fun pool area, it has 3 big pools, 2 hot tubs, and 1 kiddie pool. I love going to St.George!! Well see ya !
Cool sunglasses
Bored in brookes dorm so I modeled

So tan! it kind of hurt!

Me and KarleeKind of tanner


Karlee said...

im gonna miss you! have fun! and thanks for taking me befor it was so fun! love ya!

JamieN said...

I love that you're rockin' the aviators. Didn't you tell me you weren't really a fun last time that subject came up?

Can't wait to meet up with you guys!